How Long Does A Wedding Dress Take To Clean?

This article will discuss a detail of the wedding that is often overlooked: the care of the wedding dress after the big event. Once the wedding is over, the bride’s beautiful dress may show dirt, stains, and maybe even concealed surprises as a reminder of the unforgettable event. 

Have no fear! With the information in this article, you’ll be able to clean your wedding dress like a pro and have it look as good as new in no time at all. So, relax with a cup of tea and join me as I take you on a tour of the intricacies involved in laundering a bridal gown.

How Long Does A Wedding Dress Take To Clean?

The time needed to clean a bridal gown varies with several variables. The quality of the fabric, the complexity of the pattern, the number of embellishments, and the existence of stains or damage make each gown one-of-a-kind. The time it takes to clean a dress can vary depending on factors such as the type of cleaning required and the experience level of the cleaners.

The time it takes to clean a wedding dress can vary from a few days to a few weeks. A professional cleaner will first conduct an inspection of the dress to check for stains, damage, and any additional needs. Cleaning and caring for silk and lace garments, for example, may require extra attention and care.

After determining the best course of action, cleaning usually includes pre-treating stains, handwashing or dry cleaning with care, and drying in a controlled environment to prevent shrinking and distortion. Some sections may require more time or specialist treatment than others due to the severity of the staining or the necessity of the repairs.

After being laundered, the dress is pressed or steamed to remove creases and return to its pre-war condition. If the dress is going to be kept as a keepsake, then it may need to be preserved to prevent any fading or damage.

Please note that each gown is unique and the cleaning service’s turnaround time will vary depending on the current volume of orders. A professional wedding dress cleaner will be able to give you a more precise quote after seeing the dress and discussing the cleaning process with you.

The washing of a wedding dress is a laborious and careful operation that returns the treasured garment to its original condition. Expert care and handling are required for these priceless garments so that brides can relive their wedding day in their pristinely cleaned and kept wedding gowns.

When Should You Clean Your Wedding Dress?

It’s best to have your wedding dress cleaned as soon as possible after the big day, and certainly no later than two weeks. Putting off cleaning your wedding dress is a bad idea for a few reasons:

Stains And Spills

Wedding dresses are prone to getting stains and spills during the celebrations. Whether it’s food, drinks, makeup, or dirt, these stains can set and become more difficult to remove over time. By addressing them promptly, you increase the chances of successful stain removal.

Fabric Preservation

Over time, stains and dirt particles can penetrate the fabric fibres and cause discolouration or fabric deterioration. Cleaning your dress promptly helps prevent long-term damage and keeps the fabric in better condition.

Invisible Stains

Not all stains are immediately visible, especially on white or light-coloured dresses. Perspiration, body oils, or even small spills may not be noticeable right away but can develop into visible stains over time. Cleaning your dress early ensures these hidden stains are properly addressed before they become more challenging to remove.

Preservation Of Memories

Your wedding dress holds sentimental value, and preserving it in its best condition allows you to cherish the memories associated with your special day. By cleaning and preserving your dress promptly, you can protect it from yellowing, discolouration, or fabric degradation that can occur over time.

Professional Care

Wedding dresses often feature delicate fabrics, intricate lacework, beading, or other embellishments that require special care. Professional cleaners with expertise in handling wedding gowns have the knowledge and experience to properly clean and preserve these unique garments.

How Do Dry Cleaners Clean Wedding Dress?

Dry cleaners use a unique method to clean wedding dresses, one that takes into account the garments’ delicate fabrics, detailed patterns, and decorations. Here are the basic procedures followed by dry cleaners while cleaning a wedding gown:

Inspection And Pre-Treatment

The dress is thoroughly inspected by a professional cleaner to identify stains, damages, or areas requiring special attention. Pre-treatment is then applied to specific stains to help loosen and remove them more effectively during the cleaning process.

Cleaning Method Selection

Depending on the fabric type, level of soiling, and any specific care instructions, the dry cleaner determines the most suitable cleaning method. This may involve either traditional dry cleaning or wet cleaning.

Traditional Dry Cleaning

If the dress is compatible with traditional dry cleaning, it is placed inside a specialized machine. The machine uses a solvent, such as perchloroethylene, to dissolve and remove dirt, oils, and stains from the fabric. The solvent is carefully monitored and filtered to ensure its purity throughout the cleaning cycle.

Wet Cleaning

Some wedding dresses, especially those made of delicate fabrics like silk or organza, may require wet cleaning instead of dry cleaning. In wet cleaning, a gentle detergent and water-based solution are used to clean the gown. The dress is carefully submerged and agitated by hand or in a specialized machine, allowing the solution to penetrate the fibres and remove impurities.

Spot Treatment And Hand Cleaning

For intricate designs, lace, or heavily stained areas, dry cleaners may employ manual spot treatment or hand cleaning techniques. This ensures meticulous attention to detail while minimizing the risk of damage.

Drying And Finishing

Once the cleaning process is complete, the dress is carefully dried to prevent shrinkage or distortion. Dryers with precise temperature and humidity controls are used, or the dress may be air-dried in a controlled environment. After drying, the dress is inspected once again to ensure it has retained its shape and that all stains have been successfully removed.

Pressing And Steaming

The final step involves pressing or steaming the wedding dress to eliminate wrinkles and restore its original beauty. Skilled professionals use specialized equipment and techniques to preserve the dress’s shape and maintain its delicate details.

Keep in mind that various dry cleaners may use slightly different techniques and approaches. Because of this, it is important to find a reliable cleaner that has experience with wedding dresses and can describe in detail the method they use to clean them.


Preserving a wedding dress’s beauty and sentimental importance requires having it cleaned. Fabric, design, staining, and damage can all affect how long it takes to clean a wedding dress. It usually takes a few days to a few weeks to complete.

Wedding dresses can be dry cleaned in the usual sense or wet cleaned, depending on the fabric and the specific instructions provided by the bride. They examine the garment thoroughly, address any stains ahead of time, choose the best technique of cleaning, and take extra care to safeguard any intricate decorations or lace that may be present. Drying, pressing, and steaming the clothing meticulously brings it back to its former glory.

If you want to avoid permanent staining and fabric wear, cleaning your wedding dress as soon as possible after the big day is a must. Getting rid of stains and protecting the cloth from further damage requires prompt action. In addition, having your dress cleaned ahead of time protects it from unseen stains, safeguards your precious memories, and ensures that it receives expert care from trained cleaners.

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